World's Fair and Science Creative Quarterly (SCQ) have embarked on a project that is interesting and worthy. First off, SCQ is soliciting Haikus from scientists and artists (in the broadest senses of both words) that reflect on a particular organism.

This is intended to be a bioinformatics project that will help to populate the phylogeny section they are trying to build on the SCQ site. If bioinformatics and phylogeny don't get you hot all by their lonesome, add competition to the mix. All Haiku authors wishing to enter for their chance to win the peoples' ovation and fame for ever must pay an entrance fee of their choosing. This fee will be considered to be a donation to the DonorsChoose program. Donations $10 and greater (up to a total of $10,000) will be matched by Seed Magazine.

So everybody wins: SCQ gets poetic bionformatics, you get that good low-down tickle that goes with artistic achievement and the chance to win fabulous prizes, and the next generation gets science and the chance to overthrow the vile spawn of today's lunacy.

Go. Poetize. Donate. Redeem.

NB: Canuckians---DonorsChoose sadly only accepts donations from Amurricans. If you wish to participate, contact me, and we'll work it out.
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ETA: Entry unlocked in the unlikely event that non-LJ folks might be interested in reading my impressions of the exhibit.

Having bid a fond farewell to [ profile] drbunnyface and [ profile] capeman this afternoon, I collapsed for what turned into a relatively long nap. It's been a lovely, sleep-deprived, overindulgent weekend and I will be shamed to give my wellness update for the week. However, for the moment, I'm having trainwreck experience about Gunther Von Hagen's Human Body Worlds.

Or: People are Weird in Their Complete Ignorance of Their Own Weirdness )



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